Plus Night Out 2015

Visit for more images!

Visit for more images!

For years, Plus Night Out was the only plus-centric event during New York Fashion Week. It’s existence gave the plus community and industry a presence during NYFW that was much needed and appreciated. The event plays a vital role in connecting companies, brands, bloggers and traditional media with the plus size woman/consumer.

Although there has been tremendous growth in the plus size industry and community since Plus Night Out began, the event is still vital.  Many questioned rather or not the event would get lost in the hype of the new- new,  NYFW+. However, it did not, it was business as usual for Jovanna Reyes and her team.

Yes, Plus Night Out 2015 was a huge success and was presented to a room packed with an elite group of designers, models, bloggers, media and other members of plus size community. Not to mention, the runway was ripped by some of the plus size industry’s top models like Liris Crosse, Samantha Lebbie and Sarah Whitney. Designers/ brands; MiraclesuitMagicSuitLongitudeRue21, The Jill Alexander Designs, Serita Bell, Tru Diva Designs, Qristyl Frazier Designs, and Wardrobe by William Henry Rawls; displayed their fabulous fashion/designs, while the show was co-hosted by Chenese Lewis and  Shirley Velasquez. From where I stood, only one thing could have made the event better…. ME!!!  I was so bummed that I couldn’t make it, but very happy that things went great.

Lucky for you and me, I was able to get my hands on some great photos from well- known and respected photographer  Alec Turner. Enjoy and tell me what you think.