A Wise Woman Changes Her Mind, A Fool Never Will


I will have to admit, I am very very indecisive at times. I have a shit load of ideas but I will wrestle with how to execute for what seems like an eternity. This is not just in business, I do this in everyday life. I am especially indecisive when It comes to fashion.

While working on this very post and how to present it, I rain across a quote that spoke directly to me.

The Icelandic Proverb reads, “A wise man changes his mind, a fool never will.”

Well, of course I had to edit it to speak to the ladies but you get the picture.Instagram Post (14)

Speaking of being indecisive when it come to fashion…… LOL!! Let me show you how my head wrap doubled as a tube top to create a cute look. Yep, I changed it up big time!!! Remember girls, don;t go wearing a tube top without a strapless bra.


And speaking of change, I am so proud of my bestie and partner in crime for stepping out of her comfort zone living a dream. My friend Rena, who is officially my on call seamstress has took a leap of faith and started sewing. She and I started playing around with sewing about 10 years ago but we really were just messing up fabric. LOL!!! Well now she is back at it and I am pushing her. Below are more pictures of the maxi skirt and head wrap (tube top) she made for me. I’ve been reading serger reviews myself as she’s inspired me to give the hobby a go too. It must be a weight off your shoulders to be able to stop the disappointing shopping trips where you don’t find any clothes you like, and simply make them yourself instead! You’d feel great all the time.


One of my favorite denim pieces, old blazer that is a part of a set I got from Ashley Stewart several years ago.


Jacket: Ashley Stewart (alternate look by Lane Bryant)

Shoes: Sam and Libby by Target