The Reality Of Dreams

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A couple of weeks ago, I took a trip to New York.  While in the city that (literally) never sleeps, I handled some business and engaged in some pleasure.  Most of all, I was inspired and awaken to the possibility of living my dreams in a greater capacity.

I have always been a dreamer.  I have always known that my potential was greater than my current situation and I played on that.  Even when I used to hear my mama say, “nothing but sleep comes to a dreamer.” Yeah, it bothered me and if I were not strong, it probably would have broke my spirit but It didn’t.  I continued to dream big.

Honestly, I didn’t start writing to be a blogger or a freelance writer; I started writing because I was a nerdy kid and I loved to read and write.  However, being that nerdy kid that dared to dream and desired to evoke greatness in others, helped me get to where I am today.  If someone had told me that my writing would connect me with women all over the world, or that people would pay me for my thoughts; I would have told them they had me confused.

Yes, my dreams along with prayer and hard work led me to a place of peace, they led me to a place of growth and to a place of success. And your dreams can do the same for you. Instagram Post (3)

I felt obligated to share this because I know that there are so many women who fear their dreams because they don’t feel that they are capable of achieving them. They are so focused on their current situation that they are unable to imagine what could be.  However, I am here to tell you that dreams do become reality and your reality can become bigger than your dreams.

I am not telling you this to blow smoke up your ass, I am telling you this because it is my truth.  My brand is basically 2 years old and in those 2 years, my network has gone from local to international.  I work and communicate with women who I dreamed of meeting.  I have gone from being laughed at and underestimated (because of my dreams) to producing sold out events and being able to fly into any city and have the connections I need.  All of that, from a little nerdy girl who dared to dream.

Even now that I have achieved many things, I am still dreaming because I know that there is more and it gets greater later.  There was a time where my dreams only took me as far as Atlanta, now I see the possibility of me getting my Carrie Bradshaw on in NYC or showing California how to party (PHAT Girl Fresh style).

So dream big and do work because nothing happens without work. Which is what my mom meant all those years ago; if all you do is dream and don’t work, all you will have is sleep to show for it.