9 Instagram Post That Gave Me Life And Had Me Ready To Take Over The World

  It is no secret that I live for a moment when a woman is living life and inspiring other women.  Nothing adds to the queendom like a bad ass who is unbothered by adversity.  Although many of us are Passionate (about life), Happy (with who we are), Appreciative (for our blessing) and True (to ourselves and others); we find that we need to be encouraged at times.

I am always patrolling the internet and social media for encouraging and inspirational women because we (women) should all be one and we should all know one.  In an effort to connect you with women who are inspiring others, I want to share some post that helped me get my life this week.

  1.  Many times we get in our own way by thing negatively.  Don’t eat the poison that society has cooked up to kill your spirit. Yes, NikitaWhite_Plus!!nakitawhite_plus2. CamoCountryy19…… The caption says it all!!! Camocountryy193.  I say this all the time, especially with the women trying so hard to be models, the world doesn’t deserve to see your every nook and cranny.  Stop allowing yourself to be sexualized, there is so much more to you.  Namaste YogaWithDavina!!Yogawithdavina

4.  Not to take away from #3 but there are some days when you just feel so damn sexy!!!  WERK Glitterandlazers!! glitterandlazers

5.  #BlackGirlsRock….. Yes, ValerieMGardner keep shitting on stereotypes!!


6.  Pretty is as pretty does……. Right TiannaLeigh131tiannaleigh131

7.  “But one of the best gifts I ever gave myself was finally loving myself in all my glory.”   January_Harshe


8.  No matter what the world say’s a queen should always see the jewel in her crown. BayGodMoney, you are right, “Our hair is our representation to the ?.”baygodmoney


9.  SAY THAT MissDivaKurves…….SET THE WORLD ON FIRE!!MissDivaKurves