Abused And Blue Velvet By Jeffree Star Cosmetics

wpid-screenshot_2015-05-30-13-24-35-1.pngAs promised in a previous post, I am sharing some photos of Jeffree Star Cometics Feelin Blue Collection. There are three shades of blue in the collection but I only purchased two; Abused and Blue Velvet.  As usual, they didn’t disappoint.

I don’t know that many of you know but I have a party girl alter ego, her name is Mercedes. LOL!!! You know like the character Mercedes Lane in the 80’s movie, Licence To Drive.  No I am not having an identity crisis, I know that I am not a skinny white girl but I loved that name……DON’T JUDGE ME! 11707924_10155714862690034_3221159519623952445_o

Anywho, Mercedes came out to play Saturday night because she was supposed to hit the club but it started raining.  So instead of sitting around looking crazy, she decided to play with my new lippies from Jeffree St. Below are pictures of Mercedes rocking both Abused and Blue Velvet.  Oh and that blonde wig is EVERYTHING!  Blue Velvet (1) Blue Velvet