Life Illustrated By Fashionlistically Speaking

10535731_255684654626538_3987970437502911587_oA couple of days ago while checking hashtags on Instagram, I stumbled upon some great art work.  The art was of images from Full Figured Fashion Week, Gwen Devoe, The Curvy Fashionista, Farrah Estrella and fashion by designer Serita Bell. She later recreated an picture of me that I just love!!  I must say that the work was on the money in terms of similarity to the original photos.10660136_377893722405630_852224779244541934_n

The work was done by a talented artist by the name Crystal Caraway.  Crystal is the creative force behind Fashionlistically Speaking. The world of fashion and art has always been two of her favorite passions. Creativity has been flowing through her since an early age. From making Barbie clothing out of aluminum foil to capturing beauty with each brush stroke. Crystal understands the quintessence of beauty and how to interpret a vision in a commercial manner. Crystal illustrations have been priased by promininate plus size bloggers, plus size magazines and retail brands. Allow her to use her skills to make wonderful custom fashion illustrations, logo designs, stationery art, greeting card art, invitations, blog/ website headers and more.

Check out some of her work below!!!