BE BRAVE!! The Bold Message Fit For Me Sent During Full Figured Fashion Week’s Retailers/Boutique Showcase (video)

unnamedIt is no secret that I live for a moment where greatness is revealed and women are empowered.  Now, you all know that in my eyes Full Figured Fashion Week is one of the most empowering events in the plus size community. Well, last Saturday at the Retailers/Boutique Showcase the bar was raised even higher.


Full Figured Fashion Week premier sponsor Fit For Me‘s runway presentation spoke volumes at Saturday’s show.  With the Glamazons singing Sara Bareilles “Brave”,  one by one models emerged wearing undies and t-shirts from  Fit For Me by Fruit Of The Loom.  What the made the moment so amazing was that the models were not wearing girdles, support hose or heels. The audience had the pleasure of seeing them in their natural state which allowed women to connect with them in a great way.  I know that modeling is about creating a fantasy but in the plus size community where there is still much work to be done, women needed to see this.

*** Photos Courtesy of Plus Model Magazine***


Although we all know that even models aren’t perfect, the ability to relate to them as real women was great.  In the area that i was in during the show, there was much chatter during this scene.  Women were excited and happy, several of them even stood up because the gesture really moved them.

I really appreciate Fit For Me for what they did to assure that Full Figured Fashion Week came back with a bang.  However, more than that I salute them for connecting with their audience in a major way.  It is so important that even in fashion we stay truthful and empower individuals in our community and for me that is what I witnessed. Happy, beautiful women loving the skin that they are in despite society’s beauty standards.  Video below….



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