Guest Blogger Jay’l Harris of PhatSkinnyChic Shares Her Journey With Body Acceptance

When Maui asked me to guest blog for PHAT Girl Fresh, I was beyond excited about the opportunity. I absolutely adore Maui and the work she is doing with PHAT Girl Fresh. As I contemplated about what to write about for her blog, I remembered I written a piece on Body Acceptance. I know this is the perfect piece for PHAT Girl Fresh. One of the mantras of PHAT Girl Fresh is Happy. I am elated overjoyed and just plain HAPPY to share about my journey of accepting my body. I believe the key to True Happiness loving myself completely. I love every inch of my body, my fat rolls, my flat feet, my curly hair I mean I love ME! I sincerely hope you enjoy reading my story. My personal mission is to Inspire, Empower & Serves those I encounter. If I inspire and encourage one person through my story, I know my living is not in vain. I leave you with this one question to answer once you are done reading my story.

“What is My Pursuit of Happiness?

Body Acceptance

body acceptance

My senior year in high school, I had a breast reduction. I was a 44 DD at the age of 17 wore a size 20 in tops and dresses. My boobs hung down below my belly button. I got unwanted attention from boys and grown men. I was looked like an object from the time my breasts started developing. I never wore a training bra. When I started wearing bras, I was in a C cup this was around the 5th grade. I have always been a part of the big boob crew.

The time leading up to my breast reduction, all my guy friends said their goodbyes even the undercover gay boys said their parting words. No! You freaks no one touch them! They just stared at them and said they would miss them. My breast had become a part of their fantasy. I was getting rid of something they loved, but I hated. I was so excited to be getting rid of them. I could wear smaller shirts and clothes. I could learn about my true dress size. I had surgery over spring break. When I came back to school I was a new woman. I was elated at my decision. Fast forward a few years in college. They grew back! No one told me my lovely C-cup the doctor gave me would disappear. I was quickly back up to a DD cup. At this time, I could not use surgery to make me feel better. I realized I didn’t have to be ashamed but embrace my breasts. People were paying top money to have what God had given me naturally. I learned at 21 to love my “girls” and let them work for me. If you’re a male and you feel like your breasts are bigger than average and you would like to get male breast reduction to reduce them to a ‘normal’ size. Whatever ‘normal’ maybe for you. You could look into Male Breast Reduction in Philadelphia if you have 10 minutes to spare.

In our image-driven society, it is very important to embrace the body God has given us even if we have added to it. I am down for surgeries to help us look better. For example, one of my friends recently had a breast augmentation procedure after contacting a breast surgeon Baltimore and she has never felt better. As for me, I am currently toying with the idea of liposuction or a bum lift. However, surgeries can’t be the only tool we use to accept our bodies. I can tuck and pluck all I want, but there are chances that I will have to do it again. I learned at 21 to just accept certain things about my body. Even as I lose weight, I know my breasts are not going to be a B-cup nor would I want them to be.