PHAT Girl Fresh Present Life Styled 2015

The 2015 PHAT Girl Fresh Presents Life Styled event has come and gone ……. However, this Saturday we were in full swing.  Just as I said last year, I must say again, it was all God.  This event is a labor of love for me, the financial profit is not at all what it is about.  This event is about giving back and showing respect.  Many times, we forget to acknowledge the greatness and acts of kindness of one another, this event is my way of doing that.

I never really know how my events turn out because i spend the entire time running around.  I rely on the feedback from my audience.  So far, I have received great reviews and people seem to especially have loved the Confessions Of A PHAT Girl.  This makes me proud.  Leading up to the event, I continued to make you aware of the partnerships that PHAT Girl Fresh formed for this year’s event.  I am honored that so many decided to give unselfishly to both Dress For Success Atlanta and Diva Day International.  We collected over 1000 articles of clothing for plus size women who are starting a new chapter in their lives.  We also were able to forward a check to Diva Day International founder MsNickee Mack in the amount of $550.  So to all of you who contributed, Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I must admit, this event would have been  nothing without the love and support of this year’s sponsors: DeVoe Signature Events, Curvysta Magazine, LiviRae Lingerie and  Sweet Bitch Wines.  You played a major role in our honorees and guest being able to come out and have an amazing experience, for that I am grateful.

Another vital part of the event were the designers/ boutiques; Chuck B. Moore, Snatched Slayed and Served Boutique, Ready to Stare, Red Carpet Boutique, Diva by Tameka, Lyfe Stylez Plus and Dodie J’Nay you all brought your A-game to the runway. The audience was very pleased with your display of fashion and style.

To all of the models, I appreciate your professionalism and your willingness to help one another.  Many of you were a part of last years event and you assured that things ran smoothly for one another, this year was just the same.  I makes my heart smile to see this because many times backstage is chaotic and models are all for self, but not you.  You ladies exemplify what it means to be PHAT(passionate, happy, appreciative and true).

To my lovely host; Nikki Lee and co- host Halaveshia Hall, you both killed it!!!! I appreciate all of the work you put into keeping the audience engaged and entertained.

To our media outlets, thank you so much for helping spread the world about the event and for capturing memories.  I have to give an extra shout out to Kings Kid Media Group, Her|She|Ustv and I Hear That Girl; you really stepped up to the plate and made things happen and run smoothly.

I am very proud of the ladies who shared their truth with us for the Confessions of a PHAT Girl.  Sheena Marie, Grande, Alexandria Robinson, Jessica Carter, Chyina, and Kinderia Green; you are all amazing women whom I admire a great deal.  I know that it was hard but you did it and now we can go even further.  WE HAVE LIVES TO CHANGE!!!

Last but certainly not least, I want to say to all of the honorees; Gwen DeVoe, Sparkle Hyche, Rhonda Wilkins, Nedra Phillips, Keke Simpson and Marie Leggette, you are loved and appreciated.  You have helped pave a road that many of us travel, thank you for making the journey a little easier for us.