When my fellow blogger Maui Bigelow of the blog PHAT Girl Fresh asked me to be a part of her Blog anniversary as a guest blogger, I was super excited about the opportunity.

She asked me to blog about the essence of her blog PHAT = Passionate, Happy, Appreciative and True.

Well, let me share with all of you why I am PHAT..=)11118751_10204124605171503_1660658177_n

P- Passionate. I am passionate about fashion, I love it!!. As a blogger and former model, a day doesn’t go by without me sharing some fashion with the world. I am into photography now and I love taking pictures of people, fashion events etc. It’s interesting to see people through the camera lens. It’s like you can see through them and capture their spirit in a photo.

H- Happy. I am a very happy person, that is just how I was raised, that is how my mother was. She was a happy person and I think she passed than on to me. It is in my genes!! Lol…all kidding aside, I am generally a very positive person, I like to smile a lot and have fun.

A-Appreciative. Coming from humble beginnings, you are appreciative of anything and everything in live. Now that I am a bit older and wiser, I not only appreciate the materials things that we can acquire in this world but I also appreciate my family a little bit more, my friendships and all of those that have stuck with me through thick and thin.

T- True. I feel like I am true to myself because I can only be me, I am not like anybody else. I learned that at a young age and I try to be as genuine as possible. People can tell when you are not being genuine and part of being true to yourself is finding happiness. You cannot love anyone else until you love yourself. You cannot truly be happy unless you know who you are.11139909_10204124606091526_1343849480_n

And that is my truth. Congratulations Maui on the anniversary of your Blog and may you continue to be an inspiration for many and a light for all.

Live, Love and Inspire



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