Pose N Post Symposium


8_PNP_Atlanta_largeMonday April 13, 2015 I attended the Post N Pose Symposium hosted by Chrisette Michele.  Now anyone that knows me knows that Chris is my girl, I have seen her in concert more than any other artist.  Everytime she is any where near me, I make it my business to be in attendance and this event was no different.pnp edit

Chrisette‘s goal for the Pose N Post Symposium is to create a non-judgmental environment where women can come together to discuss and listen to  success stories of other women while networking with other bloggers, vloggers, influencers and brands in their communities. In my opinion the concept is a great idea because we all have something to learn from one another.20150413_190816

The event was a great way to network and meet other women and become familiar with their brands. Most of the information that was given were things that an established business woman or blogger should have been familiar with.  However, the information was based on the questions that were asked.  I really wish that Chrisette and the panel had told more of their stories independently and not based on the questions but that is just what I would have preferred.  20150413_192031

The panel consisted of well known social media mavens , including Brosia Malbrough, Lover4_Fashion, and Courtney Adeleye.   They shared stories of their success and how social media played a part in it. They shared tips on the best apps to use for different projects, How to make posting easier, being consistent, YouTube growth success and Building a Positive Social Media Community; were all subjects that they tackled.20150413_195112

With a cocktail hour, free drinks and pink snacks, live intimate performance by Chrisette Michele, and a panel discussion each attendee should have walked away satisfied. I made the acquaintance of several amazing women who I look forward to networking with in the near future.  I also, saw the potential in having events like this to connect and educate other women.  Like I always say, “Queens connect, Not collide” and this event proved that20150413_192014

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