My Passion, My Happiness by Guest Blogger Britney Williams of Queens See Queens

10465316_870965242967638_4836883601050759771_oI am so happy and proud to have today’s guest blogger share her passion and happiness with the world.  I love to see young ladies find their way in this world. I never expect this to be done without a few hiccups, roadblocks and storms, the vital part is that they transition into womanhood with a greater understanding of self, knowledge about the realities of the world and the strength to endure.

To see all of these things in Britney Williams gives me a double dose of pride because she is my cousin, the daughter of one of my favorite cousins.  We recently reconnected following a family function and prior to then I hadn’t seen her since she was a baby and now she has a baby of her own and is greeting womanhood with PASSION, HAPPINESS, APPRECIATION AND TRUTH.


My Passion, My happiness.

When I first started writing, it was mostly for me to heal. Growing up I really wasn’t into astrology but, as I got older I began to realize that my sign (cancer), started to relate to how I was feeling. I kept all of my feelings to myself. If I was scared or hurt, you would never know because I would hide behind my mask or sink into my shell. And if anyone dared to try and get me to crack, I would lash out at them; like a crab does when it feels threatened. As a teenager this was how I coped with every difficult thing that was being thrown at me. Bottling up all of my emotions, eventually weighed me down. I knew I needed some help, so I started talking to God.

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God guided me to a pen and piece of paper, where I wrote every single thing that caused my pain. My healing had begun to take place in my journal. The more I wrote, the less angry I was at the people who caused my sorrow. Something so simple such as acknowledging my sadness to God, encouraged me to continue writing. When I started putting bandages over my wounds, I came to the conclusion that I was no longer writing for me; but for God. I was no longer writing just to tell my story; I was writing to broken hearts who were lost just as I once was. In each and every blog I give my testimony on how God has brought me through the most troubling times in my life.

Queens See Queens, is all about women recognizing one another’s strengths. I believe a woman who has a crown is a woman who has released all of her problems to God. She walks with her head held high and is confident because she knows that God has done some amazing things in her life. Every single woman that has gone through some tough situations and acknowledges God as her healer, is a Queen.10950684_855048164559346_3721046859629592460_n

So the question is: What make me happy? Growing into a leader and knowing that I am a Queen who has earned her crown by the grace of God. When I write, I am not writing for me I writing to show that God heals all wounds. My happiness comes from doing God’s work. This is only the beginning. Watch Him work! …Queens See Queens, I see you.210590-Quotes+about+queens+++