Miss Jessie’s Book Tour Hits Atlanta

downloadApril 1st Miss Jessie’s kicked off a Blogger Book Tour, to promote and celebrate the release of Miss Jessie’s: Creating A Successful Business from Scratch, Naturally. They teamed up with some of the most respected bloggers around to assist in promoting the book and the beloved brand.  FINAL_BloggersTour_MJ_03-30-15-1-1



The Branch sisters began their climb to success with the opening of  their Brooklyn salon dedicated to curly hair in 1997, they later launched their product line, named for their grandmother, in 2004. The company quickly rose to fame with the new wave of natural hair enthusiasm.  The brand traveled from their salon, to Target and now it can be found in Walmart and other drug stores.  images


Right to left Rita K. Davis, Danene Milner, Miko Branch, Angela Burt- Murray and Kiwi

As a customer and business woman; I was beyond excited to find out that not only would the tour be stopping in Atlanta and even more excited that It was be hosted by one of my blogger boo’s Kiwi The Beauty.  As soon as I knew the tickets were available I didn’t hesitate to get mine.  However, when it was time for the event, I was unable to attend due to mommy duties.


Although I wanted to be there personally, I consider it a blessing to have someone that I can call and count on to represent my brand to the fullest.  That someone was my little sister, Nadia Williams. She attended the event on my behalf and followed (almost) all of my instructions.  LOL!!!  She took good pictures, got my book signed and was dressed to impress with her dreads on fleek( I hate that phrase).


My sister Nadia looking sharp as usual.


She is not as detailed as me and couldn’t tell me much about the actual interview but one thing that she remembered that touched me were the things that Miko said about her deceased sister and partner Titi Branch.  She spoke of how they started the business together, went through hardships together and climbed the ladder of success together.  With all of that Miko stated that she never imagined the brand being where it is and Titi not being alive to witness it.



images (1)

That alone made me think about how vital relationships are and how I could spend more time with my own sister.  I was glad that she and I were able to collaborate on this
and that she was able to bring that message back to me along with my book and products.  LOL!!!  So again I say thank you Nai-Nai and I love you for this and so much more!!!


My sister, Nadia and Miko Branch