I count it as nothing but a blessing every time I make the acquaintance of a woman who is about her business. When I say about her business; I am speaking about a woman who boldly and unapologetically in pursuit of her dreams. Not only is she about her business, but she is about the business of other women as well. She may be a mother, wife and/or a career woman who refuses to settle or slow down because she knows that greatness is at her heels. She is fierce, she is fearless and SHE MEANS BUSINESS!

As I prepare for the P.H.A.T Girl Fresh presents Life Styled event, I am very excited about the attendance of so many influential women who have raised the bar and set standards for other women. Last year we had great VIP bloggers in the building and this year is no different. It is a great opportunity for likeminded women to meet up and converse, whilst improving their branding at the same time. I wonder how many of the amazing women attending will wear things like custom hoodies to show off their brand? I’m looking into it myself. In addition to those women, there will be other inspirational women who have built their brands around empowering, educating and enlightening women and girls. Whether it is motherhood, fashion, beauty, branding, education and/or other areas of life; these are women who are dedicated to pushing the female gender forward. That along with so many other things, is why I admire them and why they are P.H.A.T Girl Fresh. Earlier this year, I shared the names and photos of some of the shepreneurs that would be in the building for the PHAT Girl Fresh presents Life Styled event. Today, I am pleased to add two more amazing women; Kim McCarter and Shana Washington (Shay Rozay).


Kim McCarter, (better known as) The Plus Size Industry Insider is a personal brand master. Her brand Corporate Curves is the parent company for:

* Corporate Curvy Girl, a lifestyle blog for curvy women working in corporate America.

* Be The Blogger, a hands-on coaching program for those interested in learning how to monetize their personal and business blogs.

* Romance Your Hustle, a personal branding and social media boutique that empowers creative female entrepreneurs to build profitable business sourced by their passion and feed their purpose.


Shana “Shay Rozay” Washington, a true SocialMedia(lite) and SuperStar Executive Assistant. Shana is the Founder of SW Consulting – a Social Media Management agency that turns visions into branding realities. Her savvy Social Media skills have sprinkled their magic on businesses since 2012.