I can’t tell you how many times I have shot someone the side eye for speaking about me or another woman and saying, “OH, SHE IS JUST……(insert random titles) “.  Now if it is in reference to me, I have plenty of words of encouragement but in general, I let my opinion be known.  Well, with today being International Women’s Day, I want the world to know that; Women are not just any thing, we are all things.womens day

Too many times, women allow society to place them in a box, confine them to a particular group or define them by one title. However, our truth is that we are not restricted by any means. We endowed with the ability to be whatever and whomever we want. We can hold as many titles as we chose and be as great if not  greater than out male counterparts.

Since creation, women have been branded with the title of mother.  We have been expected to nurture our children and stand behind or beside our husbands.  While that may be the truth of many women, we are not circumscribed to just that.  We can be mothers and wives or we can be neither, most of all we can be much more.strength-and-dignity-vinyl-wall-art-700x700

When I look in the mirror, I don’t see just a mother of two beautiful children; I see a teacher, I see a writer, I see a mentor and a woman who advocates for all women.  I see beauty but I also see strength and wisdom staring back at me. In looking at myself, I know that i am not who i once was and I also know that I am not yet all that I am destined to be.  God is grooming me to be a greater woman than I am now but in this moment I am great.

Ladies, you have to be bold and confident, you have to be willing to keep fighting despite the punches that are landed. People will make every attempt to down play you and your gifts, which is why it is mandatory that you know and love you.  You must digest the fact that you are great and that despite what others think or say, you will give birth to nothing but greatness.  You must be to being willing to work hard and show the world that; You refuse to be defined by or confined to any thing other than your TRUTH!!