My “Reality Show” Tour Experience

20150306_200652Wednesday, March 4, 2015 was a day I have been impatiently awaiting since the day that tickets went on sale for Jazmine Sullivan’s “Reality Show” tour.  The tickets sold out in a matter of minutes in Atlanta, thank God for my girl Shantia Howard, she stalked the internet to assure that we got our tickets.  

When I arrived at Center Stage Atlanta there was a line around the building, luckily, I was able to go inside with the rest of the V.I.P.  After waiting for a while, the V.I.P was taken backstage where we were given instructions in preparation for our intimate meeting with Jazmine.  I went in with my girls Shantia and Wondrea since we were all together.  Upon entering the room she greeted us with a smile, jokes and casual conversation.  She was cute and very down to earth, she took selfies with us and everything.

jordan-bratton-karateThe show started on time with Jordan Bratton opening the show.  Although I had never heard of Jordan, he did a great job and I have since then found a few of his tracks and added them to my playlist.

After Jordan finished his set, the crowd begin to cheer and chant Jazmine, repeatedly.  And like a fairy, she appeared!!!!  She hit the stage like Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, (singing.. ” I KNOW YOU KNOW YOU AINT RIGHT……) and we where on our feet the entire show.  Song after song, both old and new, she took us on a journey.  A journey that took us from Jazmine Sullivan the young girl who wanted someone to “Love Me Back” to the young lady who was “Fearless” to Jazmine Sullivan the grown women who was allowing us to view her “Reality Show”.  With each word of each song, she had everyone in that room in the palm of her hand.  WE ROCKED CENTER STAGE!!!!!  From beginning to end and as others begin to leave following her thank you’s and goodnight, the chants from faithful fan brought her back out to the stage. She returned to the stage and used her velvet smooth instrument to give us one more song, “I am in love with another man!”


There was a moment during the concert where she addressed he exit from the music scene and how she had to learn to love herself.  She went on to say that in the midst of her cleansing from a bad relationship that left her feeling broken, she gave birth to her latest album, “Reality Show.”  I know that her ex is somewhere wishing they could kick their own ass because they added a fuel to a huge fire.

The fashion lover and stylist in me has to applaud her team; her face was beat, her hair was everything and she was dressed to perfection.  The Gods and Goddess would be pleased.  She came out in a retro looking denim bootcut jumpsuit with a plunging v neckline. They accessorized the jumpsuit with a fabulous belt that had embellishments on the front and back.  The second look was a bronze or black (the lights had me confused) sequin two pant and peplum jacket that I love and have been stalking since the concert.jsullivan1

GREAT JOB Jazmine, you are a voice and the reality of a generation of women and girls.  Your music speaks to the truths that many of us live through.  I was a fan from day one but this album is the best ever!!!! You are the epitome of PHAT (Passionate, Happy, Appreciative and True) Girl Fresh!!   jazmine-tour