a8389a1711d91b290c562ffe60ad29f3Sharon Quinn, is affectionately known as the Original Runway Diva, due to her presence, style and unbelievable confidence on the catwalk.The 6 foot tall, shaved head beauty became known for  her appearances on all three seasons of the Oxygen Network‘s popular and ground breaking show,“MoNique’s F.A.T. Chance.” Sharon who is a  native New Yorker, is multi-talented. In addition to modeling, Quinn’s resume includes vocalist, musical theater performer and casting director for Full Figured Fashion Week. Now, according to a recent press release, Sharon is about to add talk show host to her already impressive resume.


“Model Behavior” with Sharon Quinn aims to educate individuals aspiring to have a careers in the  fashion and/or entertainment industry.  The show will focus on the proper steps to follow to have a successful career in the fashion industry from industry veterans who have already achieved that goal (

Model Behavior will begin airing weekly on MNN’s Lifestyle Channel 2 at 11:30 a.m on Saturday, December 27, 2014. Her first guests for the premiere episode are Gwen DeVoe, Creator & Executive Producer of Full Figured Fashion Week® & Dale Noelle, Founder & CEO of True Model Management.

While I do not know Sharon personally, I had the pleasure of meeting her this year at the Full Figured Fashion Week finale.  Although the show was officially over, she was giving advice to a model as she asked for a photo. I took the photo with pleasure because I wanted the chance to be photographed with a woman I consider a legend.  As the model and I swapped places, Sharon looked at me and said, “you know I really don’t like these damn things (speaking of my head wrap), my niece wears them all the time but for some reason, I like this one!”  Well of course you know that made my night and in the words of my Grandma, “you couldn’t tell me my sh*t didn’t stank”  LOL!!!!  That is just who Sharon is, a loving woman who embraces and nurtures other women but is straight up at all times.  I am sure that her knowledge, love for the industry and tell it like it is stance on life is sure to make this show a huge success.