PHAT Girl Fresh 2015 Life Styled Honorees

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Since the close of the 2014 PHAT Girl Fresh presents Life Styled event I have been planning and brain storming on what the 2015 event would consist of.  Although this event is to commemorate the anniversary of PHAT Girl Fresh, the overall consensus is and always will be celebrating womanhood, promoting sisterhood while fostering growth and unity within the female gender. Aside from all of the phenomenal women that I already have relationships with, I have encountered many more great women who are more than worthy of being Life Styled Honorees.

The show’s name Life Styled is based on a conclusion I have always come to in regards to clothing; fashion connects us but style makes us unique and inspires others. I know every woman can relate to seeing another woman in the same article of clothing but wearing with something you never considered or that gave you ideas about how to style your look.  Throughout my life, I have learned that women are all connected in some manner despite our differences.  I have also learned that the way one woman styles her life may prompt another woman to make life alterations that could promote growth and/ or increase knowledge.PHAT GIRL FRESH LOGO

The Life Styled honorees are women that are respected and admired by many women including myself.  They are women who make it priority to uplift and inspire other women through a life well lived.  They embody all of the attributes of P.H.A.T (Passionate about life, Happy with one’s self, Appreciative for her many blessings and True to herself and others). In the weeks to come, I will spotlight each of these amazing women individually, but on this PHAT Girl Friday, I want to introduce what I think is a “League of Extraordinary Women.  Below you will find the list of amazing women who I am proud name the 2015 Life Styled Honorees:

GWEN DEVOECreator and Executive Producer of Full Figured Fashion Week

unnamed (2)



Creator & Executive Producer, Legendary Awards
Creator and Executive Producer, InfluenceHER Awards

Dream Photography Group LLC (1 of 1)


MARIE DENEE, Founder and editor of The Curvy Fashionista




Sparkle “The Stylist” Hyche, Owner of Salon 422 /Founder of She The Brand




NEDRA PHILLIPS, Model /Co- Founder of Arden’s Sip n  Swap




Keke Simpson, Founder and Owner of She Boss





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