1416700523223What many people don’t know about me is that I am very particular about my hair, especially since I begin my natural hair journey.  There are only two individuals that can say I have trusted them enough to groom my hair.  I have never placed any type of heat on my natural hair, I could care less about length or all of those product that every natural group claims does wonders for your hair on social media.  When It come to my hair, all I care about is that it is healthy.

For years, I abused my hair with relaxers, weaves and hair color.  So although my transition was forced, I committed to doing what I thought was right by my hair.  However, I always want to be cute and stylish, a part of that is making sure my hair.

For the last couple of months, I have been feeling a little blah about my hair.  I wanted something that popped but I didn’t know what it was until I came across a picture on instagram a month ago…….

G R A D U A T E  . C M (1)


were my exact words when I saw the picture.  However, soon after I begin to question it.  My issue was, whether or not it was age appropriate. I am 37 years old you know…… Well after seeing my girl Curvily rocking her purple hair I decided to give it a try.

photo 4        0595 Carton Front line up 2_26

I used a temporary color by Garnier.  It is a part of their new Color Stylers collection, which includes; .  Pop Pink, Blue Burst, Purple Mania, Bronze Attitude and Red Temptation.  The Color Stylers are easy to apply, simply apply to your dry hair, let it dry and brush to set.  The color causes zero damage to your hair and zero rub off on clothing.  The color that I used was the Pop Pink because it look purple on dark hair.

I must admit I love it and will continue to use it for a while.  For me, I will have to apply often because I wet my hair almost every day and I oil it a lot!!!!  Below you will find deets on my makeup…….