2338003_1412871924.5382Today while silently reflecting and in my feelings I found something that I wrote a couple of years ago.  While it may not speak to the Mike Brown and Ferguson situation, It does speak to what is real.  We have issues in our community that need to be addressed. There is so much room for growth internally as well as a greater understanding and respect for one another.

Many times others see us as less because of our own actions.  They don’t see the value of black lives because at time we don’t exhibit that. Many of our own don’t value one another, black on black crime is proof of that.  Boys and men with their pants sagging under their butts, girls and women half naked and glorifying labels like thug, thot and nigga.  However, you wonder why society look at us as less…..

Now Darren Wilson was not indicted for Mike Brown’s murder and you choose to destroy your own community instead of playing it smart.  You say it is for Mike Brown and his family yet they are calling for a peaceful protest.  So who and what are you really looting for and most importantly, who are you hurting?

As a mother of a black boy who I am grooming(with the help of his father) for manhood, the state of our country is disturbing.  Which is why I tell my son that respect begins with him.  I want him to know that presentation is EVERYTHING because that is what is first seen.  I make sure I teach both of my children these things because I don’t want to bury them.  I want them to know that black lives matter and they should treat them as such FIRST!!!!

Below, You will find the old article; “The Black Man”

The black man has been torn down throughout history.  The reactions of all this pain and suffering are the things that we experience from them now.    These things are so much bigger than the here and now; this is a generational curse that our men are wrapped up in and Only God has the strength to bring them out.


It also doesn’t help that some women destroy good men and men who put forth an honest effort.  Men deal with the same issues that we do, just in a different manner.  Just because they are not emotional and running around crying and acting bipolar doesn’t mean they aren’t hurting.  Society has made women feel that these men that came from kings are no longer heirs to the throne.  Society paints a picture that is less appealing then the truth about the black man and the years of hardship they have had to endure.  At some point we are going to have to learn to embrace our brothers and give them same benefit of the doubt that we want and deserve.


Have you ever thought about the history of black men?  Have you ever imagined the pain that is associated with being a black man?  What if you were highly respected, strong and powerful, then all of a sudden that changed?  What if you went from being and having everything you could imagine to being property and being treated like the lowest form of life? Can you imagine watching your wife, mother and/or daughter being raped and beat but not being about to do anything about it?  Well this is one small part of the painful existence of the black man.  Being broke down and reduced to nothing when you once felt as though you had everything.  This was the beginning of the decline of the black man.  These things set the stage for many of things to come.  Forced to be fathers to children that you know belonged to the master.  Not being allowed to acknowledge your family and be the husband and father that God created you to be.


Even after slavery, all the way till now black men are still treated unfairly and oppressed by society. Young boys and men placed in jail and then released to society with no resources.  Put in situations where they feel obligated to do illegal things simply because they want to provide for your family.  These are the stories of so many black men.  Now please don’t get me wrong, men are not innocent by any means but what i am saying is there are factors that contribute to much of the negative press black men get.  In 2011 we are still dealing with some of the same issues.  Our country made history with the election of the first African American president.  However, he is historically the most disrespected president too….. Why, because he is black!!!  There have been other less capable presidents that didn’t get the treatment that president Obama receives.  This is proof that there is a lack of respect for the black man.


Women, we are no better!!! A lot of us tear black men down instead of building them up.  We fall in line with what society wants us to do and believe.  However, when you tear down the black man, you are also tearing down the African American family unit.  It is time for us to get it right.  Our children need their fathers just as much as they need their mothers.


Many times women serve as a crutch for men and this is not at all what I am suggesting.  It is good to be supportive but you can’t take control and take on the role of the man.  Men by nature are supposed to be strong; God wanted them to be the head of the family. You should be motivating any man in your life to tap into his greatness and pushing him to climb mountains and tear down walls.  Even if you are unable to maintain a relationship with a man, never stop him from being a father to his children in any capacity.  He may be a horrible boyfriend but a great father.  You can’t make your children suffer for the pain that he may have caused you.  Children love their parents regardless to their flaws…..  I know that many times we feel that the father has no right to the children if they aren’t providing for them financially but this hurts the child more than anything.  Some battles aren’t yours, they are the Lord’s so let him handle it……….  Women we have to get it together and help our brothers get it right.  So that our sons can break the generational curse a walk in the greatness of the kings that came before them……….