Caring For Your Natural Hair After You B.C(Big Chop)

Plus size African American woman with an afro standing next to the PHAT girl fresh sign.
After kicking Cancer’s ass, I was left with several scars (mostly emotional ) and a big ass head with little to no hair. For nearly a year, I used weaves and wigs to hide the fact that I was practically bald. I can honestly say that this was done out of insecurity because I thought that I needed hair to help define me.  In April 2012 I decided to Big Chop what was left of my hair. I cannot say that in that moment I embraced my new look but it did grow on me over time. However, now that I am happily nappy, there is no turning back.

Big Chop is the quickest way to go natural and extremely unlike the alternative of gradually transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. It’s not only different in physical approach, but it’s also different mentally. To big chop you have to emotionally detach yourself from your hair. You can not be one of those people who is obsessed with length or the thoughts of others. You have to have that India Arie moment where you say to yourself, “I AM NOT MY HAIR”.IMG_1151209321787071_wm

For those of you who decide to take the plunge and big chop, know that it is still vital to care for your hair properly. Many time people assure that going natural or big chopping mean that you no longer have to care for your hair, WRONG!!!!! In order to maintain healthy hair and promote growth, you must find a routine that works for you.  Below you will find  what was most beneficial to me after I big chopped my hair and still is today as I continue my natural hair journey.





  • Vitamins: there are several vitamins out there that can help you with your journey to grow out your hair. While I used Biotin (increase water intake), Omega 3 supplements and vitamin d are also hailed as excellent for growing out your mane.  However, it is always wise to consult a doctor before implementing any medication into your daily routine.


  • Natural oils:  Coconut oil, Olive oil, carrot oil, Jojoba oil and Jamaican Black Castor oil are great when it come to adding moisture and promoting your hair’s growth.  I simply created a mixture of these oils and placed a little on my scalp and edges daily.



  •  Hawaiian Silky:  Two products that were vital parts of my curl maintenance and  styling regimen are Hawaiian Silky’s  Miracle Worker 14 in 1 and Dry Look Gel Activator.HawaiianSilky14in1_8oz hawaiian-silky-dry-look-gel-activator-16


  1. November 20, 2014 / 6:44 pm

    I’ve taken prenatal vitamins in the past, because they have everything! I’ve never tried Hawaiian, but I’ll be picking up some tomorrow!!

    • November 20, 2014 / 7:17 pm

      I am taking the prenatal vitamins now. Those biotin will cause acne if you don’t drink a LOT of water. The 14 and 1 is very very good for a number of things.

  2. December 10, 2014 / 2:22 am

    I heard that there are many natural oils for this issue, Did you know about jamaican black castor oil ? is it really helpful in recovering hair loss?