In honor of the; estimated 232,670 new cases, in 2014 of invasive breast cancer were expected to be diagnosed in women in the U.S., along with 62,570 new cases of non-invasive (in situ) breast cancer and the many survivors, warriors and angels of Breast Cancer.  PHAT Girl Fresh and Confessions of a PHAT Girl will be having “PINK CONFESSIONS” the entire month of October.  Our first “PINK CONFESSION: is from Max Devereaux.


“Everything and everyone has a story to tell. I was told there’s no crying in breast cancer, so I dried my tears and began crying in the dark.”  Max Devereaux


Every three minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. In November 2010 Maxine Devereaux became one in eight, her number had been called and she was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer, stage C3. While Max has had many family members pass away with various forms of cancer, she never thought in a million years that the disease would invade her body. Hpwever. it came like a thief in the night and invaded her breast like a squatter, refusing to be removed unless the foundation were condemned or torn down.

Yesterday Max and I spoke via Facebook, and she answered a few questions.  Her answers are an even greater indication that she is indeed the strong God fearing woman I know her to be.

QUESTION:   What is the greatest lesson you have learned throughout your battle?

ANSWER:  “My greatest lesson has been not to take anything personally and to invest in self care. During your battle people will show the fibers of which they are really made of. This can be devastating if you decide to take it personally. I’ve also learned not to allow others fears to become my reality.”

QUESTION; What message of encouragement do you have for other women who are affected by breast cancer?

ANSWER:  “I’d like to encourage every woman who may be affected by breast cancer to invest in self care. This is the time when it’s all about you, do what you feel not what’s excepted of you.”


QUESTION:  If you could chose your life, would you chose this one?

ANSWER:  “Some days I would say “heck” no, others I would say why not. As difficult as my life as been there are days when I feel like Dr. Maya Angelou, I wouldn’t take nothing for my journey now. I’ve come to realize that our journey isn’t about us it’s about those who we inspire along the way.”



QUESTION;The acronym for PHAT is passionate, happy, appreciative and true. What are are you Passionate about, happy with, appreciative for and true to?


I am passionate about life and the gift of Gods promises.

I am happy about the possibilities of life.

I appreciate the gift of life.

I am true to living out loud and on purpose.


Max is chronicling her  experience in the first of a planned series of books which demonstrates what happens when cancer is the squatter in your body that you can’t seem to evict. The book is entitled “My Last Breast” and is written from the perspective of Max Devereaux personal journey with breast cancer. My Last Breast will capture the foibles, heartbreaks adventures of having breast cancer and having a double mastectomy. The stories will have their serious side, but will show a lighter side as well.