It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Essie Golden, I like her style but most of all, I like her attitude.  I love women who are themselves in spite of the views of others.  Essie, is one of those type women who is not afraid to make a bold statement and go against the grain and I love it. EAP_19_medium

Essie recently loaned her curves to Pop Up Plus for the Fall 2014 look book for the new collection “Rich Life”.  When I tell you this is a collaboration was sent from the voluptuous goddesses, you better know it!!!  With a name like “Rich Life they had to deliver…… And so they did.

10417469_10152691727271054_1117966443197345782_nThe “Rich Life” collection as fabulous as it is, is affordable enough for the everyday woman.  I always tell people that being rich and wealthy is a state of mind that may not always be about money.  You can be rich and wealthy with an abundance of whatever you value most.  I think that this collection supports that notion along with the fact that looking good and feeling good go hand in hand. I know that we will be seeing many curvy cuties repping the “Rich Life this Fall.
Of course I have taken the liberty of sharing a few of my favorites with you.