Keke’s Truth

1781882_719962348038630_1408311050_nInitially when I begin to brain storm about the Confessions Of A PHAT Girl, there were several individuals that came to mind; Keke Simpson was on of those women.  Since meeting her, she has continued to be the kind of woman that I love, respect and aspire to be.  She reminds me of three women whom I love and admire a great deal; My mother, my aunt Carloynn and Gwen Devoe.  All beautiful women with unwavering strength, an abundance of knowledge and love but take no shit!!!!   I knew that with her experience and her gifts, Keke would be a great asset to this project.  I always feel so blessed to be able to stand in the light of great women like Keke and to have them believe in my dreams.  The moment I reached out to Keke about the project was no different, she loved the idea and immediately said yes.   Keke is the Casting Director for the Confessions Of A PHAT Girl but you may have the pleasure of hearing her story as during the monologues if all goes well.  1044425_637545306280335_1834738516_n

KeKe Simpson, CEO,Owner, Face of  SHE BOSS which stands for Super Heroine Entrepreneur BOSS. KeKe Simpson  known to the world as the Wife of Hip Hop Legend Chubb Rock, who was addicted to ponytails on NBC’s Jerry Seinfeld The Marriage Ref.  KeKe guest starred on TBS Are We There Yet and is the Executive Producer /Creator of Legendary Hip Hop Wives.  When asked what drives her, KeKe said, “I am passionate about building self confidence and self worth in all women and mostly our young queens so that we all follow a path of greatness while pursuing our destiny”  .KeKe is a Wife, Mother,Chef, Mentor, Entrepreneur she is the epitome of her brand name; SHE BOSS.

10513449_805844142783783_7892310339581261763_nSHE BOSS isn’t just an apparel line it’s a Movement.  The mission for SHE BOSS is to form a sisterhood of female Entrepreneurs. “It is my mission to support, encourage and join forces all while building self assurance, confidence and promoting a Fearless lifestyle. Fear can be one of the biggest setbacks in accomplishing our goals”, Keke stated.




Initially SHE BOSS only catered to plus size queens until many requests from smaller framed sisters that I felt it was only right that the movement reached ALL WOMEN.





In sharing her truth, Keke made two strong statements; ” if you have not accepted The TRUTH IN YOU, then you are living a lie, so how will you ever Trust you or expect anyone else to” and “when I realized other people’s perception of me had no weight , I lost friends but i gained one fierce, fearless queen.”