My PHAT Truth

10615414_367779483386300_1238164308629027738_nAs we begin this amazing journey with the production and presentation of The Confessions of a PHAT Girl, we believe that it is important that we share our truths with you just as we want you to do with us. Which is why, each day this week one of the women connected to this project will be sharing our truths, starting with me. We will have them posted on social media with the hashtags, #confessionsofaPHATGirl and #myPHATTruth. Following our confession, we will be creating and posting banners for our following.  To have a Confessions Of A PHAT Girl Facebook cover created, inbox your photo and short confession to Confessions of a PHAT Girl fan page.

It has always been my belief that every woman has a story or experience that connects her to another woman. It is also my belief that we can grow and become greater from the stories and experiences of other women. This is why I initiated the Life Styled concept through Phat Girl Fresh. It was my way of connected women to the reality of others.  PHAT GIRL FRESH LOGO

Many people believe that PHAT Girl Fresh is a plus size movement, when the truth is, it is a effort to empower all women regardless of our differences.  Yes I have a greater presence with plus size women because I am a member of the community but I am a woman first.   Being Phat Girl Fresh is about being the best(excellent and good) woman that you can be. It is about your ability and willingness to love yourself and others. Being Phat Girl Fresh is an unapologetic statement to the world that you are bold, fierce and fearless. The intent is to spread the message of self love, strength and growth among sisters no matter our differences. Passionate (about life), Happy(with who we are), Appreciative(of God for his blessings) and True(to ourselves and others; are characteristics that every woman should embody.

Below, you will find #myPHATtruth, I look forward to you sharing yours.

  • I am PASSIONATE about uplifting other women.
  • I am HAPPY when with loved ones.
  • I APPRECIATE every moment with my children.
  • I have battled depression…….. that is my TRUTH.  

    phatmaui-fbc (1)I AM P.H.A.T GIRL FRESH!!!!! #ConfessionsofaPHATGirl