SHE The Brand presents….. Makeup and Martinis



Monday night I had the pleasure of attending “Makeup and Martinis” presented by She The Brand.  She The Brand another amazing endeavor of the beautiful Sparkle Hyche.  As an advocate for women, Sparkle works hard to assure that women are encouraged, educated and connected to other influential women.  She is passionate about catering to the needs of of women by using her many gifts which is exactly what this event was all about.2014-09-15 19.20.22IMG_20140915_202052

IMG_20140915_201738While the event did flow with the “Makeup and Martini” theme, it was so much more than that.  It was a girls night out in which we promoted one another to live our dreams.  I was so honored to be in the presence of such talented and successful women.  The women there hailed from all walks of life but were able to connect and Identify with one another on one level or another.



One thing that I loved was the sister circle (what I called it), where we all stood around and introduced ourselves to the other women.  I think that she should make that apart of most SHE The Brand functions because it is a better way for the women to get to know one another.  However the entire event was amazing!!!!!

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