By Marqueshia Fountain

photoshoot13_zps41cd3fb9I had the pleasure of meeting Marqueshia Fountain during the P.H.A.T. Girl Fresh presents Life Styled event in May.  She was there helping Carla Halliburton with the decor set up for the event.  However, I had no idea of the many talents that she was equipped with.10369115_682314351804120_3757334786334646091_n

Marqueshia is a freelance makeup artist, but she is also a health and fitness advocate. She spend a lot of time educating herself and others of ways to love themselves and live a healthy lifestyle.  While Marqueshia has always seen the importance of health and fitness, she gained a greater knowledge about four years age.  She stated that she, ” big chopped to natural hair and became a vegetarian during that time.” When speaking of the transition, she said, ” What I have learned during this time is that what you put onto the body is just a important as what you put into your body.”

1604688_629842463717976_1445292396_nAs Marqueshia transitioned into this new lifestyle she  wanted to come up with all natural products that could be used on the skin and hair containing quality ingredients at an affordable price. “Every product that I make and sale I use myself”, say Marqueshia. They contain all natural organic butters and cold pressed virgin oils.
She gifted me an amazing set, called The Dream Set that it included one 8 oz Body Butter and one 8 oz Body Polish both these products contain her signature ingredients (100% Unrefined Shea Butter, 100% Unrefined Cocoa Butter and 100% Unrefined Organic Coconut Oil). Along with organic grapeseed oil, vitamin e oil, avocado oil, organic extra virgin olive oil and sweet almond oil. Both products that are in the Dream Sets help to moisturize the skin and with prolonged use will help to fade blemishes as well as scars.  I must say I was very pleased because it left my skin feel and smelling amazing.  I am very particular about what I put on my skin for a number of reasons but I am glad I tried these products.  She definitely has a new customer.2014-04-08120950_zps74fce217

All the products available at  are handmade by Marqueshia and contain all natural ingredients with a twist  (the twist is fragrance) so you get the best of both worlds. You get a natural product that not only smells good it has the added benefit of nourishing the skin.Intense Body Butter