Blogger Garner Style…. Boycotting Target

Recently there has been a lot of talk about issues within the plus size community.  Many people have went as far as to blame us (plus size women) for some of the problems.  Personally, I agree.

I think that it is time that we stop accepting bullsh#t from others who are benefiting from our “fat” dollars.  With all of the millions that the plus size industry generates why should we accept being treated as if we are unimportant.  How is it that many brands use standard models to sale plus size clothes?  Why is it that many department stores seem to hide the plus size section?  Why Is there such a huge difference in the fashion that you see in the plus size section of many stores?  The answer to all of these questions is the same; because we allow it.Garner-Style-Swapdom2

Blogger and respected fashionista Chastity Garner Valentine of Garner Style is not one of those who chooses to sit quietly and accept this unfair treatment.  She recently began a movement to boycott Target following the release of designer Joseph Altuzarra’s lookbook for a collaboration with Target.  The release of the new collection brought to light the fact that Target is yet another retailer who doesn’t give a damn about it’s plus size customers.

In seeing this reality, Chastity did what she does best, she blogged.  The blogged read something like a letter directed towards a lover who had gone astray.  The opening paragraph reads; “For so long, I loved you. I always went above and beyond in our relationship. I’ll visit you to get a couple of items and more than a couple hundred dollars later and a cart full of products, I have left giving you way more than I ever planned to. No matter how much I give, you never seem to appreciate me. All I want is the clothing you offer all your other regular sized customers, but you always leave me out. With that being said, I have to end this relationship. It’s you, not me and for my own well-being and my self dignity I have to sever ties between us.”  target

Chastity’s decision to boycott Target, has been met with many mixed emotions: there are those (like myself) who totally agree and support her, there are those who are saying;”who in the hell does she think she is” and then there are those think that she is making a big deal out of nothing.  However, the reality is, she has a very valid point, it is in poor taste that you Target feel the need to neglect your plus size customers.

I feel where Chastity is coming from because for years, I have had a love affair with Target.  Besides them not being WalMart, they always have the best merchandise.  There was a time when they sold the best support garments and the plus size department was filled with nice trendy pieces.  I can remember when I purchased nearly all of my jeans from Target.  However, when they decided to reconstruct the store, all of that went down the drain.  You would have better luck hearing a rat pee on cotton than you would finding a decent piece of clothing for plus size women in Target.  Which is why I have chosen to stand with my fellow blogger in support of the #boycottingtarget movement.

This is without question a positive step in the right direction for the plus size community.  It is time the society realize that we are just as fabulous and fashionable as other women.  We are in no way second class because of our weight.  I hope that more of us decide to speak out and stand up for our beliefs.  We deserve the option to be what we want not what others think we need.

A rep from Target, did make a statement concerning the boycott but to me, He just said something to be saying something.  Joshua Taylor(Target rep) told  Refinery 29 about the future of the company’s plus-size options. “We never want our guests to feel disappointed, and if we’ve let them down, we apologize,” he said. “We appreciate the opportunity to hear directly from our guests. We’ll take this feedback into consideration as we move forward. In the meantime, we offer a variety of plus options. We’ll also be introducing a new plus line in the near future that features a focus on the latest styles, all at great prices.”

Until they are more considerate of the needs of plus size women, I encourage all of my P.H.A.T. GIRLS to shop elsewhere.  I much as I hate to say it, I guess I will bite the bullet and head on over to Wally World.  20140620_134709