Happy Birthday Plus Model Magazine

jul-fluvia2HAPPY BIRTHDAY PLUS Model Magazine!!!!  For the past 8 years, PLUS Model Magazine has been the leading publication solely devoted to plus size women.  The magazine in my opinion has been a very vital part of the growth of the movement that has pushed plus size women forward.  PLUS Model Magazine has introduced  women similar to the reality that their dreams were possible. The magazine caters to all curvy women despite our differences, every woman can navigate through the pages and find something that appeals to them.  PLUS-Model-Magazine-Oct-2012-Issue

Whenever there have been issues or concerns among women in the plus size community, PLUS Model Magazine has been right there.  When many African American models felt that they were being excluded, PLUS Model Magazine emerged with, “The Black Issue”.  When body shaming was brought into the conversation, PLUS Model Magazine answered the call.  Why, because the overall goal has always been to aide plus size women by being a source or providing resources. 

Even at the top of the game, PLUS Model Magazine continues to grow and evolve with the times but most of all it continues to feed the needs of women all over the world.  Women who were once thought to be irrelevant and second class.  Women who the fashion industry turn their backs too for years. Women who have now made the plus industry big business. Women who snatched (pulling was too nice) back the curtains and emerged; big, bold and unapologetic. Women like Madeline Figueroa-Jones, the editor-in-chief of PLUS Model Magazine.  staffjpegs00854-done-colorsmal-200x300

Madeline Figueroa-Jones, a NY native, who was first noticed in the industry as a model, combined forces with friend and online magazine publisher, Valery Amador, to create PLUS Model Magazine.  “People in the industry said that it was too edgy and women would not respond to it. Here we are 8 years later..” Maddy wrote in a email conversation she and I had.  Since then, Maddy has become the, ‘Anna Wintour‘ of the plus size industry. She has appeared on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, Entertainment Tonight, Coco Perez, Fox NewsHuffingtonPost.com and tons of other media sources.

I finally got the chance to meet Maddy(and some of the other team members) during this year’s Full Figured Fashion Week.  I have to say, that I didn’t expect her to be as nice and approachable as she was.  Yes she is naturally pretty but upon meeting her I was immediately able to see her beauty.  Even during our conversations concerning this write up, her beauty continued to show itself as she freely extended herself to me and then stated, “You need anything… message or email me, If I can’t help I will always try to find someone who can. We have to stick together.”10458869_771415872880708_3933319576277933454_n

Although Maddy is amazing and her hard work plays a major role in the success of PLUS Model Magazine I am sure that she will admit that the fact that she has an amazing team is her greatest asset.  Each of these ladies have been a vital piece of this quilt that continues to get larger.  Below you will find the names and duties of the immediate PLUS Model Magazine family.

Valery Amador
Executive Director, PLUS Model Magazine

Marcy Cruz
Blog Editor, PLUS Model Magazine

Reah Norman
Executive Fashion Director, PLUS Model Magazine

Tara Taylor
East Coast Beauty Editor, PLUS Model Magazine

Alexandra Boos
Executive Marketing and Creative Director, PLUS Model Magazine

Alissa Wilson
Shopping Editor, PLUS Model Magazine

Yve Edmond
Health and Wellness Editor, PLUS Model Magazine