Five Things Every Woman Needs To Know Before Getting Dressed


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I know that most women search stores and their closet high and low in pursuit of the right outfit. I too am one of those women but I know that there are other important ingredients that go into assuring that your look is a tasty treat. These are five things that every woman need to know before getting dressed. Keep in mind this is my opinion and they are in no particular order.

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  1. Be mindful of your hygiene. I know that most people will say, “Everyone knows this!!!” However, I must say that not every woman or girl practices good hygiene and I know because I have witnessed it. You want to talk about killing the mood….. FUNK KILLS FUN!!!! No one wants to smell your unpleasant odors no matter how cute you are or what you are wearing.



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  1. Makeup is not mandatory because many women look amazing with or without it. However, if you are going to wear makeup make sure that you are capable of creating a nice clean look. There are too many women who take their look from WOW To WTF!!! All because they applied to much makeup, used the wrong colors or lack technique. With all the videos and tutorials online, you may not be able to create a Beatface Honey look but you can avoid looking like a clown.



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  1. A good bra will change any girl’s life!!!! I encounter so many women and girl who really don’t know what bra is best for what attire. When picking a bra, these are some things to remember:
  • If your boobs aren’t nice a perky, don’t go topless….. EVER!!!
  • If your dress is strapless, get a strapless bra (a tube top with bra straps is tacky).
  • Sheer and thin tops should be accompanied by a black bra.
  • Your entire breast and side boob should fit into any bra you wear (if not it isn’t your size).
  • Under wire bras create fuller looking breast.
  • The cut of the top should determine the cut of the bra you wear.
  • Support Support Support!!!! Find a bra that is supportive (even if they sag without your bra, boobs should sit up).
  1. Just like bras, panties/girdles are very important. There is nothing worse than a woman in form fitting clothing wearing a pair of B.A.D. (big ass drawers). Oh but yes there is, a woman with a gut that doesn’t see the need for a pantie girdle. In the event that you are not informed on the proper panties/ girdles here are some things to remember:
  • Every woman cannot tastefully wear a thong (if you have a pouch or a full stomach that means you).
  • If you have a top or bottom stomach bulge, you need a pantie girdle.
  • If you wear a corset or waist trainer under your clothes, wear another supporting garment over it (to assure that bones and clasp don’t show through tighter clothes). When it comes to waist training, you can read this article to see if waist trainers are bad.
  • If you have thunder thighs or a lot of cellulite, a girdle can and will smooth you out.
  • Make sure that your undergarment is a little shorter than your clothing (in the event that it rises when you move).


  1. Be sure that your clothing complements your assets. Wearing clothing that is too big or too small can add or subtract a few pounds to your look. Sometimes clothing that is too tight draws attention to problem areas if not paired with the right supporting piece. Here are a few rules I live by:
  • Pants are made to fit; pants that are too large make you look larger.
  • Bodycon and belly do not belong together (PERIOD).
  • Ladies with more belly and hips invest in peplums, maxi and A-line pieces (they create an amazing silhouette).
  • Form fitting clothing show ALL (if you have problem areas, stay away)!!!!
  • Don’t be afraid to play with colors and patterns (they can add some extra flare to a plain look).
  • Nice legs are made to be shown (there is nothing wrong with appropriately short clothing).
  • Always consider the event and location before getting dressed (club clothes don’t belong at church and vice Verse).

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