G.R.I.T.S. Productions and Full Figured Fashion Week Presents Style Star Hosted By Ashley Stewart


Me and the winning models, Shantia Howard and Tia

G.R.I.T.S. Production and Full Figured Fashion Week joined forces with Ashley Stewart for the Style Star Competition.  The goal of the competition is to highlight and bring together blogger/stylist and models.  During the competition, bloggers/stylist are paired with models to create looks that are judged by a panel of experts.  This particular competition which was held on Saturday June 21, 2014 during Full Figured Fashion Weeks finale events and  was hosted by blogger and Atlanta Style Star winner Nikki P.  The competition was Judged by Parker Simmons of Everyday Runway 365, Steph Penn of Daily Diva Venus and Keke Simpson, wife of hip-hop legend Chubb Rock.


Judges; Parker Simmons, Keke Simpson and Steph Penn


Myself, Melizza Williams and Nikki P.

Although there were four contestants the finalist were yours truly(P.H.A.T. GIRL FRESH) and Melizza Williams; a blogger/stylist from Tampa, Florida.  In the end, the peach took the prize and I brought the crown back to Georgia.  However, I must say that Melizza has amazing style and vision.  10444367_252350558222154_3613832790852483251_n

The room was filled with fashionistas, models, everyday woman and female power players like; Madeline Figueroa Jones (editor in chief of Plus Model Magazine), Alexandra Boos (Executive Marketing and Creative Director of Plus Model Magazine), Shana Washington (SW Consulting) and Natalie Abruzzo ( Host/Producer at The Natini Hour).  Even with her busy schedule, Gwen Devoe stopped by and graced us with her beautiful presence. Aside from the competition guest shopped, enjoyed light refreshments, danced and networked.

Below you will find photos from the Style Star competition which were provided by Size Matters Photography.

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