Elocin Plus at Full Figured Fashion Week

10339563_251983118258898_5161733940113461733_nI was beyond excited to hear “Radioactive” begin bumping through the speakers at the Broad Street Ballroom in New York during Full Figured Fashion Week‘s Indie show.  To me that music meant one thing and one thing only, we were about to experience the greatness of Nicole Nolan and her work as the designer of Elocin Plus.  As in any situation, she did not disappoint, one by one the models emerged looking just as fabulous as the one before all building the crowds anticipation of finale piece.  Once the wait was over and the final model strutted onto the runway, we all knew that she was Elocin‘s “it” girl for the night.  Adorned in an amazing all black net and leather gown that hugged every curve and fit nearly as snug as O.J’s glove, the model werked the runway.  10511193_251981288259081_2525623567982821029_n

Born in Trenton, N.J.  to a photographer mother and a father who trained as an amateur boxer, Nicole would go on to develop a love for fashion like both of her grandmother’s and an uncle who was a hairstylist.Nicole K. Nolan has quickly made her presence known in the plus-size fashion world with her fashion forward, urban edgy yet sophisticated designs. While she is no stranger to the plus community, it was her fall 2013 “New Age” Collection, that really put her on the fashion jet and made hers one of the most-recognizable plus size labels in the industry. Since then, there has been no looking back.1452204_251982514925625_7694636073300749338_n

What the audience witnessed at Full Figured Fashion Week was a small sample of things to come.  Elocin Plus is preparing to release their fall line, “MAD AS HE!!” soon.  The “Mad As He!!” line will not only give us that new new that we have all been waiting for but it will also re-release a few oldies but goodies.  Nicole guarantees that we are in for a treat and i can not wait.  1504095_251981624925714_1860508351295147382_n

I was especially happy because since I made Nicole’s acquaintance  nearly two years ago, she has been on a none stop grind.  She has proven herself to be one of the most consistent people I know both as a designer and as a woman.  Her work ethic is always the same which is why she consistently produces greatness.  She pours all that she has into assuring that her brand is about celebrating women and their curves.  She doesn’t just create clothing for women, she educates women.  She informs women about their body types and what will compliment them most.  These are things that many designers could care less about but not Nicole, not only does she cater to the curves, she caters to the woman as well.  

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    AMAZING Coverage of Elocin Plus for #FFFWEEKFinale