Divine Accessories

10432273_254680804736996_1977890265_nA couple of months ago, my friend Teona told me about this amazing jewelry designer that she had begin shopping with. The designers name is Veronica and I was able to make her acquaintance when she was one of the vendors at the P.H.A.T Girl Fresh presents Life Styled event. All of the items that she had on display were very nice and unique.unnamed

I recently placed an order for some custom jewelry from Divine Accessories and I was very pleased.  Although I had seen some of Veronica’s work, I did not at all expect what I got.  Not only are the items super cute but the price was very affordable.  The biggest surprise was the time frame from placing the order to receiving it.  It was as if she had it made and it was tucked away in her closet waiting for me to want it.  How could I have placed a custom order at the beginning of the week and received it and the end of the week?  That is normally unheard of.  unnamed (1)

If you are in need of custom pieces or you want a unique look, Divine Accessories is the perfect place.  She also carries an assortment of handbags as well.