Spoken Curves


This P.H.A.T GIRL is the truth!!!!!!!  I am so glad to have her in my midst.  She has been a favorite since I made her acquaintance.  Grande’ Beauty is a fitting name for her because her inner and outer beauty are both large and in charge!!!


Be it songs or poetry, vocal art moves me in a major way.  I can give countless accounts of hearing songs in church that moved me to tears, even when the word of the pastor didn’t.  I just love the emotion and expression that comes with singing and spoken word.  That is why, I can honestly say that I am already a huge fan of the certified Phat Girl; Grande.  I met her in Columbus at the Rock and Roses hair and fashion show nearly a year ago.  Before I had the chance to witness her gifts, I was pulled in by her amazing personality.  However, when she took the stage; I was just like “those wolves”, I cried “GRANDE’!”  1525373_760505307293769_780312142_n

Since our initial meeting, we have become closer.  She blessed the P.H.A.T Girl Fresh presents Life Styled event with her sultry voice and raw uncut words.  The crowd absolutely loved her!!!

When words move the soul, they can only be spoken from lips of beauty, Grande’ Beauty! Born and raised in Columbus,Ga Grande’ is a 33 year old  spoken word artist with Monsta old Music Recordings. She started out writing as a child as a way to release hurt and anger, her gift matured along with age. As a teenager the poem “Phenomenal Woman” by Maya Angelou made a new gift manifest which started her whole self love and empowerment crusade. Grande’s poetry got deeper when she experienced Eryka Badu’s “On and On” video, her live CD was round the clock play. In 2000 along with the world she was introduced to Jill Scott this woman lit a fuse in the poet and the sultry side of her was set a fire. The deepness of Ursula Rucker inspired her to write even deeper. Grande’ Beauty is the Sultry Diva that can change your mood with the sound of her magnificent voice! She speaks only the truth from her heart and mind. Ladies she expresses your most intimate thoughts and feelings with style and class. Gentlemen, she is sex appeal wrapped into words! She will leave you satisfied but still wanting more!  She is also an actress with one of the leading roles in the musical play and movie”Plus Size Divas” written and directed by Sylvia “Sylky Diva” Wilson. She has a role in Learical JonesFat Girl Diaries” in Atlanta, Ga. She also had a small role in “Mirrors” an independent film written, directed and produced by Zack Lee . So that history is why her present is full of finesse she is on a mission to inspire, uplift and empower.  To add to her amazing resume, Grande has agreed to be one of the Faces of Phat Girl Fresh and I could be happier. She just released her first CD “Memoirs of a Sultry Poetess” earlier this year you can download it on iTunes, Cdbaby.com or. 
 Free downloads are available here http://www.monstafam.com/grande-beauty