“Control your Bi%#h”




I know by now everyone has heard of the blow up between TI and Floyd “Money” Mayweather.  I must say, TI showed heart by being man enough to stand up to the little chump (oh, I meant champ).  However, I think that it was yet another dumb move on the part of the Troubleman, being that he is a bullshit magnet.  To be honest both of the men have too much to lose to be fighting in the streets like fools but boy will be boys.0525-tiny-instagram-4

The thing that bothered me most was the fact that Tiny would even go there with a man like Mayweather.  He has no respect for women and he has been known to be abusive (verbal and physical) towards them.  In the event that she thought he was different, he showed her with three little words; “control your Bitch!!!”  Yeah Tiny that bitch your friend and father of your “new boo” was referring to is you.2

I am not clear on what the whole TI and Tiny breakup is about but is Mayweather the best replacement?  A man who can’t control his anger and refers to you as a bitch when he is angry.