Model Behavior with NEDRA PHILLIPS

1231496_10203286461949471_1927472404_nNedra Phillips is a name you all will soon know well, if you don’t already.  She is ripping the runway with a swagger that is so distinct it can’t be denied.  Her photos have individuals in the industry in awe and saying, “Oh My, What a Face”.  People often ask about her ethnicity, “are you Caribbean, African, or Asian?”  Whatever the DNA, those chiseled cheekbones and Asian almond shaped eyes can generate some of the most dynamic photography.  She has her own individual, classic, and urban style.  Nedra’s personality exudes confidence that every curvy woman should possess.   Her interpretation of a diva is –  Drenched In Voluptuous Abundance.


The Georgia peach is a native of Valdosta, Georgia but she now calls Atlanta, Georgia her home.  Growing up in Valdosta, Nedra knew she had something special, creative, and fashionably different from other young girls. This drove her to work even harder to assure that she brought her dreams to life.  It is Nedra belief that, “women should embrace a strong confidence in who they are and let it shine through their style.” Today, Nedra is living those dreams; as a model (Arden P.),  a Fashion Stylist, and an Entrepreneur.
1001704_10201652162253000_1188520261_nOne of Nedra’s close friends entered her in the Full and Fabulous Contest in 2009.  Although Nedra didn’t place in the contest, she quickly became a fan favorite when she hit the runway.  That experience started a massive chain of reaction for her in the plus model industry.  Nedra has showcased her striking stage presence in many of today’s top full figure fashion events across the country.    In fact in 2009 alone, her breakout year, she participated in more than 7 major fashion events including being a showroom model for the highly anticipated Full Figured Fashion Week (FFFWeek) 2009, as well as being a runway model for the Fabulous & Sexy Fashion Show in sunny South Florida. To date Nedra a.k.a Arden P has participated in over 25 runway productions.  She was also featured on a 2009 episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, been a hostess at the DTSTV Awards in Alabama.  Nedra has been a print model in campaign ads for plus designer La Krisha Joseph-Baker the Lavender’s Jungle brand, Alia Jahnae Boutique, Elocin Plus and Twelve 24 boutique as well as Big Girlz Inc. She has been featured in  UM and USL Magazines also.


We all know what the fashion experts say about height with regard to modeling, you must be a certain height to matter.  That has not stopped Nedra from going after her goal and pursing her passion.  She is 5’6 ½ feet tall but to watch her in action you would not even question her height.  She exudes the qualities of some of the finest high steppers in the game.  Recently Nedra auditioned alongside hundreds of women to get their shot to model on the main stages of FFFWeek for what event creator, Gwen Devoe says is the final show.  Even with FFFWeek’s minimum 5’8 height requirement, Nedra made the bold choice to audition and  was chosen to participate despite her 5’6 stance. Why, you might ask; the answer is that she has a strong stage presence and ability to capture the audience’s attention.10246344_10203774755196497_9057377226666165298_n


Styles by Arden Closet MUA Patrice Story Photography Ty Effects Model Telethia Penn

Nedra Phillips, entrepreneurial Fashion Stylist can be hired to help any woman pick exactly the right look for any occasion from wardrobe, accessories, and styling.  Nedra is always ready, willing, and eager to Style your Confidence.  Nedra has launched Arden’s Closet is a small fashion boutique offering individuals affordable personal shopping services. Arden’s Closet is rapidly gaining momentum and notoriety.  The company is on the map because of its highly successful and requested plus size clothing swap called  Arden’s Closet Sip’n Swap.  Arden’s Closet Sip’n Swap is were FAB plus Fashionistas come together sip Moscato, Network, and swap gently used or new clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories. The year, Arden’s Closet Sip’ N Swap has the honor of being apart of the line up for FFFWeek.    Nedra uses the Arden’s Closet to impacts her community by making a plentiful donation to area Goodwill, Salvation Army, and thrift stores.  Any items that don’t get swapped at Arden’s Closet Sip’n Swap are donated.

Nedra is a beautiful person who blesses the  industry with her gifts and knowledge. Her non-traditional looks have forced the acceptance of a different beauty standard.  Nedra gives the curvy girls and women confidence in who they are and what their potential is.  Many young girls and women look to her as an example of what can happen with hard work and perseverance.  Nedra recently begin mentoring other young plus models also.  She is using her gifts to help others pursue their dreams.  A fierce role Model at work!