I Woke Up Like This

Maui-38299I had a professional shoot with an amazing photographer (Visual Impressionz)a few months ago. The edits looked great. I have had the pleasure of using some of them for several of my projects. However, there are a couple that I have hesitated to use. I was uneasy about the way I looked in the pictures. Yes they are cute but what about my thighs, they look so big and the cellulite is noticeable. It even seems that I have a double chin, which I know I don’t have. It kind of made me think about a chin reduction procedure, which I hear can turn out absolutely brilliantly. Yes the outfit was cute and I loved my makeup but I just wasn’t in love with what I saw. Maui-38339-Edit

I have admit that for a couple of moments, I fell out of love with myself. However, a couple of days ago while on Facebook, I saw this post that Tracee Ellis Ross made that really got me on the right track in regard to these pictures. She posted a photo collage with the caption, “I’m not the type to post booty pics…I love my body but I try not to objectify it! But today I wanna…so I made a damn collage! The pic on the right made me nauseous the first time I saw it. I thought my face looked crazy but the pic is always popping up somewhere so I’m embracing it…crazy eyes, bra bulge and all!!! #IWokeUpLikeThis #FeelingFrisky#Freedom2014


Yes my thighs are fat and cellulite is present, hell I may even have a double chin but I love me some me!!!! Despite what I like, dislike or need to improve; I WOKE UP LIKE THIS, and that in itself is a blessing. It is amazing how you can preach to the choir and not realize you need to direct some of that to you. I tell girls/ women all the time to love themselves in spite of but then I found myself doing the opposite. Oh well, I got my swagger back!!! This is me, this is who I am and what I have, and I love ever ounce; FLAWS AND ALL!!!


Photographer: Visual Impressionz

Skirt: P.H.A.T Girl Fresh

Shirt: Citi Trends

Shoes: Madden Girl

Accessories: Assorted(turquoise and green)

Lipstick: M.A.C Ruby Woo




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