514_400x400_PeelYesterday, I posted a picture of my sister, Nadia Williams modeling one of the P.H.A.T Girl Fresh shirts during the Life Styled event.  I posted the picture because it was one of my top sellers on the website, although it is a cute picture of my sister too.  The shirt like all of the P.H.A.T Girl Gear is very cute, It is what I call a “Life Style Tee” because it makes a statement to the world about who you are. The shirt that my sister was wearing makes the statement, I love lipstick lesbians, which she does.   Cute, bold, fun and harmless, or is it offensive?

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I woke up this morning to an inbox from one of my facebook friends that read;  “Hello Maui I hope all is well.  I want you to know that I like phat girl fresh and what it stands for.  But i think that you were wrong for posting that picture of the girl with the gay shirt.  I can tell that you are educated and that you know God so why would you do this?  My advise to you is to take this down and stop straddling the fence.  You are either with the saints or with the sinners”.10305977_750727728301417_687288068261943142_n (1)

So after I prayed, I replied;  “Greetings!!! All is well with me and I pray that you can say the same for yourself.  Thank You so much for following P.H.A.T GIRL FRESH and supporting the movement.  I want you to know that I have read your message and I respect your opinion.  However, I want you to know that as a woman who loves God, I know my role and I play it.  I know that God is love, which is why I love everyone.  I know that God has the final say, so I don’t play judge.  I know that God gave his Son so that we could live, and it is not for me to dictate the life of any person.  P.H.A.T Girl Fresh is about encouraging and empowering women and girls to love themselves in spite of.  P.H.A.T Girl Fresh is celebrating the diversity that make all women/girls beautiful.  The model, is my baby sister, and I love her to the bone.  She is a beautiful, hard working woman who happens to be a lesbian.  Do I love or respect her any less for her sexual preference, NO!!!  Would you stop loving your sister if she lied or committed adultry?  I think not, but I believe this is wrong just as you believe homosexuality is wrong.  So, I will not be taking your advise and removing the picture.  However, I do respect you and your views enough to understand if you want to unfollow me and my brand.  HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND AND BE BLESSED”Couple

As much as I didn’t want to be up typing this early, and even though I feel like crap, I had to share.  Not to offend anyone but to let all of you know that P.H.A.T Girl Fresh doesn’t discriminate. We are apart of a estrogen movement geared towards promoting life styles that will enhance our gender. I know that we are different and that we can learn and grow from those differences.  I know that we can change the lives of others by exposing them to our story and life styles which is what I try to do.  
All_Girls_RockWe were all created in love and with purpose.  Being P.H.A.T (passionate, happy, appreciative & true) Girl Fresh has absolutely nothing to do with age, race, size, status or sexual preference.  ALL GIRLS ROCK!!!!!!!