Roots and Wings


As parents,  it is our place to give our children roots and wings; the roots to grow and wings to soar. I thank God that I have been blessed enough to say that I received that throughout my life. I was raised by an elite group of strong black women. Women who lived,  experienced life and shared those their success and failure.  Women who despite what life was for them, were amazing mothers.  Women who feared nothing or no one but God. These women showed Me that nothing that you want from life is unattainable.

Because of these women, I have never been afraid of anything that I have been faced with. Whenever I feel challenged I never consider giving up, I simply weigh my options. I know that no matter what man says, God has the final say.  They taught Me that only death ends my possibilities. 

I salute all of the amazing women that helped Me become the woman that I am today. They showed Me how to be the mother my children needed. My children are in receipt of the roots they merchant to grow and the wings they need  soar because of these women. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!