R & B Diva Review


Lead, follow or get out of the way…..  I really wish Angie would get out of the way. I regret the day That Faith told Angie she was in change because she is holding on to That like a pair of nuts. I think That she has the my way or No way mind set, I Don’t know if That comes from the fact That she is older or she just crazy. Either way she needs to stop That.

That whole showcase idea was Tom foolery and all of them know it. I’m with Meelah,  That was some dumb bullshit. They are all seasoned vets why would they downgrade themselves? 

I can honestly say That I see the drama unfolding as we speak. KeKe seems a bit more unstable this season, hopefully it will get better. However, I doubt it.  Her husband is acting a little Peter Thomas ish.  Why was he sitting there with KeKe and Syleena when they were talking?  Through all of her bullshit and inappropriate behavior, he has never tried to make his wife see herself. His behavior has enabler written all over it.  She was so wrong for acting out at Monifah’s engagement party and I don’t blame Mo for putting a little distance in place.  Some people are toxic and it will kill you. 

My favorite moment was the tea party. Although Keke and Angie both got on my nerves, Meelah and Latavia’s testimony touched Me.  There voices are still on point. If only Syleena cute ass had known the words.  No shade, she was cute!!!

I think That the new girls are going to add some real flavor. And I look forward to seeing this play out.