Burying The Dead

Happy Easter or Resurrection Sunday to everyone!!!! I did something today that I rarely do on Easter, I went to church. The reason I shy away from church on Easter Sunday, I the same reason I am not a fan of shopping on the first of the month; the hype!!!  It is the one Sunday out of the year when the church is packed with people who haven’t been to church all year and may not be back until next Easter.  Now please don’t get me wrong, the word is good all the time and anytime is a great time to bring non believer to Christ, it is just that on Easter Sunday there are too many distractions for me.  Crying babies, huge Easter baskets and those big dresses………
With all of that being said, I have to say, I am glad that I went.  The word that went forward was exactly what I needed to refuel me for the weeks ahead.  I knew that God had something for me, I just had to get there and believe me, the forces were against me getting there.  I woke up in pain, I was running behind, there was no gas in the car and both of the back tires needed air.  Yeah, all of that!!!  Like I told you last Sunday, any time the devil come for me, I remember what the Pastor told me at the beginning of the year, and I went and got my blessing.

Today Pastor Drake’s topic was, “the mystery of the resurrection”, and I must say I wasn’t sure where he was going with it but he pulled it together.  The highlight for me other than the scriptures were his points about why:

The Belief in the Resurrection is Essential

  • It sets free the power of faith
  • New life can come after death
  • The hatred of man cannot conquer God’s love

Other than that something that really touched me was the emphasis that he placed on the importance of death.  Death is something that most of us fear but that all living things must do.  The great point that he made was that even when Jesus died there were those who had issues with the death.  If they couldn’t except the death, how could they grasp the resurrection…………….  He went on to say that a lot of times we find ourselves holding on to dead things and those dead things hinder life.  We bury dead flowers to later get a beautiful garden.  If we want an apple tree, we don’t plant the apple, we plant the seed(which is dead).hallelujah_6500c


The question that I am asking you, is the same that I am asking myself; what situation in your life needs to be buried?  What dead relationship is hindering you from gaining a greater relationship.  Many times we find ourselves in situations that are draining us and stealing our joy, why not put it in the ground and see what grows from it……  




Romans 10:9

1Corinthians 15: 12-15

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