Months ago my pastor said, “2014 will not be about whether or not God blessesd us, it will be about what you have to go through to get to that blessing.” This has proved true in my life so many times just 4 months into This year. However,  each time I replay what Pastor Drake said in my head and place it on my heart.

Yesterday it happened again, I felt fine until I got half was to Atlanta,  then all of a sudden, I was sick. I had to stop and throw up and everything.  I thought about going back home but I had  commitments to fulfill.  So, I put Pastor Drake on replay. Made it into town went to my meeting. After the meeting I felt even worse. I begin to think; maybe I should cancel practice and go home. Once again, I heard Pastor Drake. Even now as I type This, I am still feeling bad, but I am pressing on to my blessings.

I know that the devil will use whatever and who ever he can to keep you from what God has for you. When you mind is strong, he will attack your body. When your body is too strong he will attack your mind and he never shy away from the opportunity to use your fellow man. Our smallest issues become our greatest all because  we allow the enemy to effect How we see the picture that God has painted. So many times we Mister out on our possibilitied because we are afraid to press our way through hard times.

Through the process of Me planning for my upcoming event, God has shown Me so many things and so many people; so in a positive way and some not so positive. I know that This is my time and that he is in the midst of all that I am doing and because of that the
devil is even more persistent. 

I shared that to say, don’t allow a pebble to keep you from reaching the mountain top. You have to stay encouraged and be willing to be radical for Christ in order to receive his blessings.