Life Styled Honoree….. Ms. Nickee Mack

Ms. Nickee Mack
I am a country girl all the way, and I have been told many times that I , “don’t meet no strangers.”  To you city folks, this simply means that I embrace everyone the same.  I am friendly, fun loving and very approachable.  Well, Ms. Nickee is the exact same way, from the moment I met her, she and I clicked.  Now, just a year later we are like home girls every time we see one another.  What really makes me love and appreciate Ms. Nickee most is that fact that she has and continuously does, push other women forward.  As a runway coach, she has groomed many woman not only to pursue their dreams but to have confidence.  I admire her sense of obligation to other women.  She always feels the need to share little pearls of wisdom and keep the room lit with laughter.  She is living proof that not all people who do great things get the recognition that they deserve from their fellow man……………… BUT GOD! 10174275_851370501546111_1077861293_o

By employing a relationship-driven business building approach, creates long term and profitable client relationships. Strong social skills accompanied by a well-rounded understanding of marketing offering a truly unique experience for clients. I am a publicly proclaimed work-a-holic and I make no apologies for it. I do what I love and I love what I do. This business is my life and I plan to continue to do it for the rest of my life. I am a professional model, makeup artist, runway coach, instructor , motivator and organizer and this is the life I have chosen to live! I AM AN ENTREPRENEUR

Large purple button with the letters DDI inside, a logo for company Diva Day International
Ms. Nickee Founded Diva Day International and helped develop it into a well-respected brand within the Atlanta Ga business community. Frequent contributor to Enchanted Closet charity organization  geared toward preteen and teen girls, as well as an active member within the private community.  Overseeing all functions related to managing the business including planning, controlling, organizing, staffing and directing the operations of the business, also responsible for marketing, promotions and advertising, finance, human resources, accounting, and daily operations.1900104_761896673823333_1774700350_n

Ms Nickee has also hosted, produced and been a part of several high profile shows and events over the years, such as appearing on Lifetime TelevisionFFFWeek, Trumpet Awards, NYFW, VH1’s R&B Divas, 11Alive News , Jacksonville Fox 5 News, Spokesperson for Outre a multi-billion dollars hair company, FSO Atlanta, Bronner Brother and the list could go on and on. Hosting events, choreography, and show productions are just small elements that make up this wonderful company that will expand all across the globe because of its multifaceted dynamics. This Plus model turned Hair, Beauty and Fashion Mogul chooses to change the face of the industry one step at a time, with positive, strong, determined individuals who are focused, and destined for greatness.71429_10153681109210257_474399918_n

From the mouth of the Diva herself, and I quote: “I enjoy Marketing and Branding Products through exciting and creative programming and productions; hosting major events, casting and coordinating productions, and choreographing fashion events. We are dedicated to providing outlets for REAL SIZE people in the industry, by providing training, and development for the success of their careers. I love what I do, it brings me joy and a lot of times it’s not even about money, you would be surprised how many events I have done for free, and had the best time ever. I respect people in this industry, it’s hard, shady, fraudulent, beautiful, hectic, crazy, amazing, life altering and the list could go on, and on. The people that take on being their own boss and building brands are GLADIATORS to me, we have to go through a lot to get the respect we deserve, and I admire the passion, drive, and determination in every entrepreneur WE ROCK!”1376633_10153280266725257_283904881_n