Life Styled Honoree Evron “Mello” Andrews

1505355_1423308304574686_1773603886_nThere is much to be said about any person that can step outside of their situation and help others.  There especially something great about a man who can strive to uplift the female gender.  Well Mello Andrews is a man that does all of these things and more.  Honoring Mello at the P.H.A.T Girl Fresh presents……. LIFE STYLED event was a no brainer not only for what he has done for other women but what he has done for me.  From the moment that he and I were connected, he has done nothing other than educate and motivated me to be and do greater.  I have called him countless times saying, “Mel let me ask you this.”  Each time I have to say that he walked me through it.  Two years into our friendship, I am still calling saying, “Mel, let me ask you this” and each time he puts his best effort into assuring that he gives me the proper advise.  I can honestly say that he has shared an abundance of knowledge, that he gained from years of experience with me freely.  Not because he has to but because that is just the type of man her is.


Evron “Mello” Andrews, whose very name means “fruitful business man,” was raised in a household of entrepreneurs and has been evolving into such since childhood. Observing his mother, a registered nurse, maintain several home businesses including being trusted childcare provider, a highly sought after cake baker and event planner, Mello began to take note of what it takes to be successful in many ventures. Following in his mother’s footsteps, he created “Da Sanctuary” a Christian Light club, “Salvation Café” an indie record label, “His Blessing Unisex Salon,” “3F Studios” a photography space in which  he partnered with Tyquane Bates, “Moments BY Mello” a multi-media firm and “Full Blossom Magazine, which was another collaboration with Tyquane Bates .” His impressive skill set includes, but is not limited to: Singer, Song writer, manager, barber, graphic designer, web designer, promoter, photographer and more. He now utilizes all of his experience, connections, and expertise to consultant businesses. He is a consultant to numerous upscale clubs, lounges, recording studios, musical artists, churches, non-profits and politicians. He has worked with several celebrities and helped establish countless upcoming businesses. He has the uncanny ability to innovate every industry that he enters. His energy is invigoratingly encouraging and promotes growth. He is capable of making everyone that he comes in contact with believe that they can conquer the world and he equips them with the tools to do so. His influence has made indelible impacts on the lives of many.

1521657_686116158095908_1435986988_nIn 2010, Mello took notice to the fact that Full Figured women were being portrayed in a not so flattering light. He recognized that media has the tendency of placing generalizations on plus size women such as: the unattractive matronly figure who was good looking but lost it after having children, the buxom/oversexed character, the lonely/no date to the prom/chubby girl, the unstylish woman that can’t find anything to wear because she is too fat, the supporting cast member and never the leading lady unless she is a comedienne. These stereotypes were not consistent with what he saw in real life. Being surrounded by women like his mother, his wife and other curvy friends and family, he wanted them to be represented more accurately. He saw these curvy women as beautiful, intelligent, fashion forward, voluptuous, sensual, lives of the party. A passion began to develop within him. His new mission was to “Change the way you view the plus size woman!” He has and will continue to carry out this mission by providing a platform for curvy women through Full Blossom Magazine. With this platform, he has reached over 3 million plus readers. He will execute this undertaking by creating events that showcase plus size men and women, giving designers a place to exhibit their pieces inspired by shapely women and to spread the message that you too are a “Full Blossom Beauty.”1381269_10201004169566243_1270928991_n