Life Styled Honoree Mrs. Bo Talley

Mother, wife, host, entrepreneur and women’s advocate; these are just a few words to describe Mrs. Bo Talley.  Along with many people when Mrs. Bo Talley emerged on the scene, I was very doubtful that her reality was what she said it was.  I mean really how could a woman of a certain age have a body like that?  Now I know that black doesn’t crack, my Nanny is proof of that but come on man, this lady doesn’t even appear to be 30 years old.  Well to my surprise Mrs. Bo Talley is who she says she is and so much more.

I made the choice to honor Mrs. Bo Talley not because of what we see on the outside but that which is on the inside.  I believe that her beauty is so undeniable because it’s origin is inside of her.  She put all of her efforts in to encouraging and empowering other women.  She promotes a healthy life style and she leads by example.  She is the voice speaking loud and clear to women letting them know that because you are a certain age you have to live in a box.  As I have stated many times, being P.H.A.T Girl Fresh know no boundaries.  Being P.H.A.T Girl Fresh is about a woman’s ability to be Passion about life, to be Happy with who she is, to be Appreciative of her blessings and to be True to not only herself but others as well.



Bo Talley is the mother of four, wife of professional basketball coach Fred Williams, an entrepreneur, event host, philanthropist, brand ambassador, and model. In addition to these many hats, Talley serves as a motivation to many people, especially after her age-defying photo went viral and made international headlines.

Bo Talley
Utilizing her new social platform, Talley shares tips and words of encouragement to nearly 40,000 Instagram followers. A young physique and beautiful grey mane paired with her captivating spirit and heart always draws attention to inspire. With an amazing attitude and strong personality, Bo Talley’s outlook on life simply defines living.

BO TALLEYIn 2005, she formed Blaq Pearl Entertainment Company with a vision to promote and plan the most exclusive events in the Southeast region. From film directors and actors to professional athletes and recording artist, her client roster includes names such as Comedian Pierre Edwards, DJ Benny Demus (Akon’s DJ), and WNBA player Ivory Latta.

Always seeking opportunities to give back and serve her community Bo Talley has always had the heart of giving back and serving her community. As a child, she was always told that it’s better to give than to receive, so in early 2007, she and her children decided to start a nonprofit organization called Take the Time Foundation. The Take the Time Foundation’s mission is to do just that, take the time for others less fortunate. Although Bo Talley did not grow up with a silver spoon in her mouth, her grandmother and mother always managed to keep food on the table, clothes on her back and roof over her

Bo Talley’s life experiences have made her the woman she is today. A woman who has weathered the storm, yet takes the time to encourage others to “Do you!”

Bo Talley