Phat Girl Fresh Passionate (about life), Happy (with who she is), Appreciative (of God for his blessings) and True (to herself and others); are all components of a woman who is P.H.A.T GIRL FRESH.  Being P.H.A.T GIRL FRESH is not about a woman’s race, age or size it is about a woman’s ability to love herself despite her imperfections. The overall goal of P.H.A.T. Girl Fresh is to celebrate our diversity, while serving as a resource to women in need of uplift and information.   Although I believe that women are the world’s strongest beings, at times we fall short as well. I am all too familiar with the hardships and trials that accompany many girls as they transition into womanhood. It is also common ground and I totally relate to  the trials that are faced by sisters daily. How well we know that the work of a woman is never done and that many times we find ourselves overwhelmed and unappreciated. In the midst of giving direction to others, we sometimes lose our way causing our physical appearance, mental stability and self-love to be affected. This is all the more reason why I applaud so many women for being being the picture that P.H.A.T. Girl Fresh attempts to portray.


PHOTOGRAPHER:  Visual Impressionz

MODELS (from left to right):

Shanta Patrick

Bionca Reese-Lane

Dria TattooChik Glass

Dori Carter

Tasha M James-Mitchell

Jackie NY Turner

Nadia Williams

Yolanda Murphy

Anashay Sings

Natasha Simmons

Latoya Benton

Machelle Hoffman

Shantia Howard

Keosha Bell