What is true beauty? A question the prompts numerous answers depending on who you ask. For years, we have been tricked into believing that we needed to be a certain race, size or complexion to be beautiful. Although we all know that this is not the case, millions of woman, including myself have felt inadequate because of the views of others. We have wished for a greater existence, something that made us more of what society deemed normal and most of all beautiful. Many women have worked hard to alter what they thought stood in the way of what they wanted most; beauty, not realizing that true beauty isn’t physical.

For years I have heard, “you have a pretty face,” and accepted it. Why? Because I know that I have a pretty face and also because I thought that was all I physically had that was worth mentioning. I have been a chunky girl most of my life and from what I knew, fat was a definite flaw. Due to my ignorance I accepted the “pretty face b.s. until I knew better and you know what they say about knowing better and doing better. In making the transition from girl to woman, I had my share of hardships. However, the more I educated myself I was able to see that It was okay to love all of me. Pretty face, fat stomach, flat booty and my skinny legs; ALL OF ME!!! In the midst of that, I learned an even more important lesson; who I was as a person is actually what was the true reflection of my beauty. Duh!!! As a child, I had heard my elders say, “if your ways are ugly, you are too” but I never really absorbed it until I was older and had wasted years. I had spent all of my time trying to lose weight, wish I would wake up with ghetto booty and hiding the fact that I was nerdy and liked to read and write. All of this on a quest to be considered beautiful and I possessed it all along.