Collage of spring fashions.

This weekend we will spring forward, in more ways than one.  Yes, the time will change but it is time for fashion to change too.  I know it is hard to grasp since it is still snowing in many areas of the U.S.  However, spring is among us and it is going to be a bright playful one.

Top Photo
Printed t-shirt; Phat Girl Fresh
White skirt: Youtheary Khmer
Snake printed shoes: Torrid
Neon Pink Chain Belt: Simply Fashion
Neon Green Fringe Earrings: Phat Girl Fresh
Bottom Left
Tangerine maxi dress
Straw hat
leopard belt
Middle Picture
Paradise Midi Bodycon Dress: Bocage Custom Fashion
Bottom Right
Cyber yellow vintage dress
Light purple hose
Vintage accessories