Welcome Lifestyle And Plus Size Contributor Whitney!

Model and blogger Whitney FearsI know that you all know I hoard dope ass women. Why? Because there is absolutely nothing stronger, more beautiful or more capable than a tribe of empowered women. I am talking about women who look at one another and see sisters and motivation instead of competition. Yeah, I know that society says we can’t operate in the same space due to egos and attitudes but that is a lie. Strong, confident women know how to respect and celebrate on another minus the drama.

Today, I want to introduce you to a curvy cutie that I added to my stash a couple of years ago. She was a model in Life Styled 15 and 16 and she has been rocking with me every since. She is very strong and capable but also very humble and trust worthy. In my opinion, there is nothing greater than a woman that has the ability to discern when she must lead and when she must follow; Whitney is a women embodies all of these strengths and more.

This year, Whitney and I got very close as she helped with Life Styled 17, she made my life so much easier. She was very dependable and I could count on her to be Maui, when I was available. Honestly, preparing for the event would have been hell without her. Model and blogger Whitney Fears

“If I had to describe myself in one word, it would be radiant. I live life on my own terms and I am determined to spread love and light to everyone I encounter. I relish in finding the beauty and lessons in each day and look forward to sharing it with the Phat Girl Fresh audience. I was born to be true, not perfect, which is what I believe draws people to me.”

Aside from just being an all around amazing person, Whitney is known and respected in the Atlanta plus size community, as she has modeled in several shows and worked with many boutiques and brands. This is another reason why I am so excited to have Whitney sharing her light and experiences with us. I know that she will keep us informed and up to date about all of the happenings in HotLanta’s plus size community and a whole lot more. Model and blogger Whitney Fears

Don’t act funny, tell Whitney hello!

Oh and follow her on Instagram, she does the best dressing room videos! LOL!